Profits from 20,000 cans of soda “vanished” over three years and the person solely responsible for the school’s finances went Sergeant Shultz on us.

From page 17 of the PRP Financial Management Review:

One of the main revenue sources for the account, Faculty Drinks vending, has sustained shortages compared to expected profits the past three years, totaling over $10,000 (see Finding 9).  When questioned how deficits could be declining, as Principal Johnson claimed, when vending shortages continued, Principal Johnson did not respond.

It’s okay to clam up when ten grand goes missing.  Just lay low and the JCPS public relations machine will generate enough feel-good press releases to distract folks from the kind of mismanagement that is the bedrock of our pathetic school system.

Here are the numbers for the “vending shortages” or what the average person calls “$10,092.13 stolen from the vending machine over three years”:



Look at that recommendation.  Isn’t that something?  Hire full service vending ASAP.

I have a better recommendation:  SEND THE CREEP WHO STOLE THIS MONEY TO JAIL.
































Oh, but I do.


What’s better than a really good meal at a restaurant?  A FREE, really good meal at a restaurant. And the only thing better than that is A HUNDRED FREE, REALLY GOOD MEALS!

Nobody crushes a school hospitality account like PRP principal Dave Johnson.  Take a look at this list of $15,000 of great meals, fast food, and bakery noms  purchased since 2010.  $76 at Mike Linnig’s, $12 at Taco Bell, $2059 at Austin’s, $32 for barbecue in Fairdale, $1200 at Fazoli’s, $33 at Yank Kee Noodle at Oxmoor Mall, $624 at Buco, $31 at McDonald’s, $1000 at Mark’s Feed Store – all purchased right here in Louisville.

In one month, April 2011, $3827 was spent at restaurants.





You probably think somebody is using school funds and the PRP VISA as a personal ATM.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  These purchases are part of a very important management program at PRP High School that “builds a positive culture within the school.”  Ha ha.  Wink, wink.



That “Positive Culture Building” meal at a fine New Orleans restaurant took place in July 2012.  I think they should have spent even more money on fancy dinners because PRP’s test scores went into freefall.  Obviously, they didn’t spend enough.  Maybe they should have spent twice as much.  Or maybe they just need a principal who actually gives a shit about students instead of swanky meals.










My children brought this flyer home a couple of weeks ago:



Here’s the best part:






Plenty of research supports the connection between good nutrition and better academic performance.  Never mind that the research is ancient history.  JCPS is finally catching on!

“Diet, Breakfast and Academic Performance in Children” appeared in The Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism twelve years ago:

Participation in a school breakfast program enhanced daily nutrient intake and improvements in nutrient intake were associated with significant improvements in student academic performance and psychosocial functioning and decreases in hunger.

A decade ago, The British Journal of Nutrition published “Effects of Diet on Behaviour and Cognition in Children”:

Diet can affect cognitive ability and behaviour in children and adolescents. Nutrient composition and meal pattern can exert immediate or long-term, beneficial or adverse effects. Beneficial effects mainly result from the correction of poor nutritional status.

Well, take a closer look at the flyer because EVERY CHILD DOES NOT DESERVE A COMPLETE MEAL.



JCPS won’t let you float a lunch loan for three or four years like Dave Johnson did.  No way.  Not even for two lousy dollars.  Not happening.  If Mommy or Daddy forgot to put some cash in your backpack to cover your full-priced lunch and you have no money in your account, you’ll get an entree and milk.  No lunch charges for you, little deadbeat.

Apparently, SOME PEOPLE at JCPS can charge a bundle for a complete meal – just not the students.  Remember them?  They’re a bunch of kids who leave their lunch money or sack lunch sitting on the kitchen counter.  If they just had access to a PRP High School Visa and a Dodge Durango from Hertz, they could buzz over to Joe’s Crack Shack and stick it to JCPS for a couple of Lobster Daddy Fests – and nobody would notice for three years.

This is from a 170-page document about a JCPS principal living very large:


If you’re a middle-class kid who pays retail for lunch and forgot to ask Mom or Dad for lunch money, you won’t get a complete meal.  No charges allowed.

If you whittled your school account down to -$1.25, you won’t get a complete meal.  No charges allowed.

It gets even worse.  Worse than charging a $110 dinner to the PRP High School credit card.  Worse than taking three years to question outrageous, excessive spending on meals, cars, hotels and condos.  Worse than denying meals to students, who are the entire reason that this school district exists.

Yes, there is something even worse than pitching a hungry kid a slice of stale toast and calling it a breakfast entree.

K-PREP testing kicked off last week and runs through this week.  The JCPS crackdown on deadbeat diners coincides with high-stakes testing which should tell you that the students and testing aren’t really that important.





As of March 6th, Jefferson County Public Schools had made up five of eleven snow days. evwenegast92 So, what’s the big deal about March 6th?  That’s when this week’s meatball tweeted that he felt five makeup days were too many… which means he definitely felt eleven makeup days were too many.

The JCPS Calendar Committee also felt eleven makeup days were too many.  Seven makeup days for the kids are just fine.

The Jefferson County Board of Education approved a revised calendar with seven makeup days for students.  Teachers will work four days in empty classrooms.

The Kentucky Department of Education was also okay with seven makeup days for JCPS.

The Kentucky legislature made all of this possible with the passage of HB211, the snow days waiver bill that said, “Lock the kids out on June 6th.”  To the teachers union, many legislators said, “You’re welcome!”  State legislators Rocky Adkins and Derrick Graham said, “My bank account is about to explode.”  And we’ll discuss later.

Anyway.  About that tweet after JCPS’s five makeup days…

evwegenast2Quite the comedian, this guy.

You can be anything you want on social media, that’s what makes it so great.  Build your personal brand with just a few keystrokes. One day you’re Mr. Jokey, taking goofy potshots at instructional days in a school district loaded with failing schools. Another day, you’re Mr. Obamacare Blogger for the Courier-Journal.

Looking for his take on education during fifteen months of blogging?  Forget it.


Maybe you want to be Mr. Socially Aware, twitterbonding with your Crapola-Journal colleague and Gannett mean girl, Deborah Yetter, while experiencing a two-hanky moment over Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow.

Boom.  Re-branded.





Yetter is one of the newest members of the Crapola-Journal’s editorial board which has been cramming forced busing down our throats for about forty years.  Friendly reminder: None of the members of the editorial board have/had JCPS students who are/were forcibly bused.  And Anchorage Independent Schools don’t count, C-J.  

Here’s what this forced busing supporter had to say the first day of school in 2012:

evwenegast8 Was she being funny and goofy?  No and no.

There’s more… with a guy who occasionally wrote for the Crapola-Journal as a Forum Fellow… evwenegast9

Like I said, mean.

Yetter supports forced busing but apparently hates the buses that make her forced busing fantasy possible.  She also hates the parents who drive their slacker kids to school so they can get a little rest and avoid a long bus ride.  I guess she doesn’t realize that a 5 to 10-minute car ride to school means a 30 to 45-minute ride on a school bus.  Or a 20-minute commute in mom’s Sienna translates into 1 to 1.5 hour commute on a school bus.

Actually, she does realize it and doesn’t care.  She’s a forced busing supporter, remember?

Back to her Twitter buddy whose tweets about education revolve around not going to school at all…


Here’s one “like” for Humana’s YouTube channel.  It’s our meatball friend, again.




You know who else really likes Humana?  School board member David Jones, Jr.  He receives compensation from Humana since he’s on the board of directors.  He’s not even supposed to be on the school board since JCPS employees have Humana health insurance.  But the financial thread that runs through Humana, JCPS and David Jones, Jr., is being ignored because nobody in local media will touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Humana advertises on every TV station in Louisville.  They spend a bundle.  Understand?

So, Meatball likes snow days but not making up snow days and posting lots of fun, filtered photos on Instagram and posting good stuff on Facebook and going to fun events and experiencing them through a mobile device and re-branding himself on social media over and over and over and enjoys being in the good graces of Crapola-Journal friends and on and on.  Somebody give him a guest spot on Girls to replace Hannah’s dead editor. He’ll fit right in.  But he’s probably not the best candidate for anything related to education.  Especially in this city, where the academic situation is just awful and sad.

The C-J education reporter enjoyed a fun little exchange with Meatball…



Konz seems to like him.  Yetter likes him.

David Jones, Jr. likes him, too.

How do I know?  Jones likes him so much that he appointed him to the JCPS Calendar Committee.  Thats right.  Read it again.

Here is a screenshot of part of the calendar committee list… I’ll show you the rest of the list later.  I received it from a very helpful and polite member of the JCPS $100K Club.



There’s Mr. Jokey.  Number 40.  Appointed to the calendar committee by a publicly elected school board member who shouldn’t even have a place at the table.


Have a great weekend, Meatball!




If you have a deep-seated disgust with the children you have been employed to teach and you’re willing to broadcast it, you should probably get another job, Shithead.  (By the way, that’s not her real name.)


Shithead is a teacher at Fern Creek Traditional High School.  She receives a very nice salary. I wonder if she posted her comment on a laptop purchased by JCPS?

She must really hate it when she has to work with some of those disgusting kids whose whiny moms will eventually say “I don’t know why he dead.”  (Isn’t that a great example of urban vernacular?  She deserves some serious street cred for that.)  Too bad those dumb moms didn’t get hooked up with some Plan B.  It sure would make Shithead’s job a whole lot easier and, goodness knows, this lady needs a break.

Maybe Shithead can put a spin on the Blessings in a Backpack program and start Birth Control in a Backpack for Black People.  I think she would be perfect as a spokesperson for a program like that, don’t you?  She seems to have a real handle on solving Louisville’s gang violence problem. There are just too many disgusting, illegitimate black kids out there.  She might even end up Internet famous as the shithead who spearheads The End of Having More Than Six Illegitimate Kids.  I hope so.  She really deserves that kind of fame.

I wonder what Shithead has to say about Fern Creek Traditional High School going into academic freefall. (Source: schooldigger.com) She’s probably deeply troubled about Fern Creek being in the 36th percentile.  I’ll bet she can calculate that value in her head because she seems really smart.




I’m sure having a single-digit average years of teaching experience isn’t contributing to any of Fern Creek’s problem either.  (Source: Kentucky Department of Education, School Report Card, Fern Creek Traditional High School, 2012) That doesn’t have anything to do with the JCTA contract.  Oh, hell no.  Just heap all of the blame on those rotten kids.



Four of the five shitheads who liked Shithead’s post are also employed by JCPS.  I won’t blow their cover but I’ll tell you where they work.

K. works at Breckinridge Metropolitan High School.

T. is a teacher at Bowen Elementary.

P. works at Fern Creek Traditional High School.

S. works at Fern Creek Traditional High School.

$48,000 + $81,000 + $54,000 + $22,000 + $42,000.  That’s how much these people make according to public records.  That’s a grand total of about $247,000 for JCPS educators and staff who are just fine with posting and liking a comment that would be right at home on a Stormfront message board.

What’s one of the biggest factors contributing to Louisville’s mob/gang/teen violence problem?  Shithead and all of her shithead friends at JCPS.

You know what I mean.

Jefferson County Public Schools had eleven snow days but will make up only seven.  Since the original JCPS 2013-14 calendar could have accommodated more than eleven makeup days, why were four eliminated?

Well, let’s see what is going on elsewhere in Kentucky:

*Oldham County will make up twelve snow days and their school board approved Oaks Day as a school day.   

Here is the Oldham County 2013-14 revised calendar with twelve make-up days listed at the top of the page:



*Trimble County Schools will make up twelve snow days and attend school on Oaks Day.

Here are two screenshots of Trimble County Schools’ calendar:






You get the idea.

Just Google other Kentucky school districts and you’ll find that almost all of them are in double digits for makeup days.  (I looked up six and all of them were in double digits but I won’t screenshot-bomb you.)    Fayette County made up or scheduled to make up ten snow days.  It’s worth noting that Fayette, Oldham and Trimble have some very fine schools – none of them hogging blocks of real estate in K-PREP’s tenth percentile like JCPS.

And we have this…

On March 9, 2011, the Kentucky legislature passed a law about lost instructional days.  Summary:  (1) Last day of school must occur before June 21st, (2) Ten instructional days may be waived if twenty days were missed and (3) Neither of these apply to JCPS.




JCPS had less than 20 snow days and the school year  was scheduled to end on June 13th.  Just make up the eleven snow days and no problem!

Uh oh.  Recycled screenshot… and someone has a problem with eleven makeup days.  I guess a waiver sounds great to a guy like JCTA president Brent McKim who’s disconnected from academic failure because he probably spends his days in a taxpayer-funded cocoon behind a desk or at a conference table.



The Kentucky Senate did end up backing down and allowing school districts to implement academic shortcuts as they saw fit.  JCPS didn’t end up ditching ten snow days, just four.  So, the last day for JCPS students is June 6th and they’ll make up just seven days.   The original JCPS 2013-14 calendar could have accommodated twelve snow days (thirteen if Oaks Day could have been used but not happening, I know) with June 13th as the last day of school.

Here is what June 2013 looks like on the final draft of the JCPS 2013-14 calendar; June 6th is the last day for students:




And here are screenshots of the original JCPS 2013-14 calendar, just in case you don’t believe me:









Why did Kentucky legislators allow changes that JCTA wanted to a three-year-old law but weren’t best for thousands of students enrolled in persistently low-performing schools ?

That’s easy!

Professor Wayne D. Lewis, Jr.’s sums  up campaign contributions nicely in his book The Politics of Parent Choice in Public Education: The Choice Movement in North Carolina and the United States (Palgrave Macmillan).



How about that?

 I’m not done.

Which members of the Jefferson County Board of Education voted to eliminate four instructional days from JCPS’s calendar?  No telling, since the Board of Education minutes haven’t been updated since January 13th.

Let’s see…we have a school district that can’t stop talking about the importance of technology while operating a website devoted to transparency that fails at transparency.  This is almost as strange as paying educators to work in empty classrooms for four days.

Almost.  But not quite.

Here is a screenshot that was taken this morning:





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