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Screenshot and comment from a JCPS elementary school teacher…



Wrong again. The majority of us have our children in private schools. I may work for JCPS, however, that is where my loyalties end; my children go to private school. I teach at the Elementary School level. Soooooo, there is a valid reason why my husband and I refuse to put our children in these horrible schools. “Dr.” Donna Hargens and ALL of the other extremely over-paid moronic IDIOTS at VanHoose can go pound sand. Even the principal at my school understands why so many teachers have their children in private schools. JCPS is a joke. As soon as I retire someday, I am going to apply to teach at a private and/or Catholic school where there is no such thing as bussing, “students” don’t act like little animals, the students AND parents actually have at least SOME social skills. Plus, everybody does not have multiple baby daddies and mamas, tons of immature drama, is not a scamming lying thief on welfare and drugs, is not in prison, not on free breakfast and lunch, food stamps, Medicaid and KCHIP, Section 8, and Obama phones just for starters. Now we have to feed the state-funded illegitimate brats during the Summer months too–and they are already on food stamps! Where does it all end?!!!! Low life scum in most of these schools, and I am talking about the parents too. Apple and tree every damn time people. So to anyone reading this, if you can at all afford it, DON’T put your kids in JCPS. Take it from someone who knows. Even if it is a nice neighborhood school in the East End, it won’t be for long because they will bus a ton of little future delinquents in from the West End. Either put them in a private or Catholic school, or get out of Jefferson County altogether and move to Oldham County.


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