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Louisville photojournalist Bud Dorsey documented a police training exercise at Beecher Terrace on Tuesday, February 10th. The story didn’t make a big splash on the evening news. Metro Council president and Beecher Terrace’s representative, David Tandy, hasn’t had anything to say about it. Yet.  Neither has Mayor Melanoma.

This raid says a lot of things but it certainly doesn’t say, “We care about you.”  “We want you to succeed.” “We respect your neighborhood.”

The police are a frequent presence at Beecher Terrace, okay, I am aware.  But they’re typically uniformed LMPD officers in cruisers which is a far cry from these men in commando gear who look like they’re about to carry out a Special Forces raid and shoot up the neighborhood.

And here is the education blurb.  The high school children in this neighborhood get forcibly bused to the edge of the county even though Manual is a very short bus ride away.  Central is even closer but Ballard, located in the East End, is the resides school.  When you’re poor and don’t have a car, missing the bus means missing school which means truancy problems for these children.  These children go to jail for truancy.  For missing the bus, for not having a car, for being poor.  The system is rigged for them to fail.

This is how Louisville treats Beecher Terrace.


evbeecher1(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)
 evbeecher2(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher3(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher4(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher5(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


This is Beecher Terrace.  It’s a neighborhood full of families and young children.  (All photos – PBS/Frontline, Dan Edge)











Did David Tandy know about a practice commando raid on the families of his district?  Where was he and what does he have to say about this?







Maybe Mr. Tandy is really busy with Mayor Melanoma.

There are plenty of places where the fake raid could have taken place.  Why Beecher Terrace?  And why isn’t this news?


Dear Steve and Augusta, Will you let LMPD use your West End gift from Fischer for the next training session?  If not, will you please clean it up?  Thank you.


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His words say, “Let’s talk about schools.” His actions say, “Let’s talk about me.”

It never stops with this guy.











What does he really want? To be superintendent? Mayor? Well, if you’re a member of the Mayor Melanoma Mafia, you get what ever you want because you just buy it.



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