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How long are you allowed to speak at a Jefferson County Board of Education meeting?

Three minutes.

One more thing.  Don’t repeat what a prior speaker said because THE SCHOOL BOARD DOESN’T WANT YOU TO WASTE THEIR TIME.   “Avoid repeating similar views of other speakers.”

This is from the JCPS website:



The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office collected over $550 million of your tax dollars… but you can only speak for THREE MINUTES.




According to the Diane Porter’s comments during the August 25th board meeting, the county clerk’s office collected over $25 million of YOUR MONEY for JCPS… but you can only speak for THREE MINUTES.

Go ahead, try to speak longer than three minutes.  They’ll gong you right off the stage.

Don’t believe me?  Just watch the video of the August 25th board meeting.  Click here to view the fun.


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I heard about a JCPS PR goon who’s shopping around for a new job AND 55,000 Degrees is looking for a PR goon.

This sounds like a match made in heaven.

Here’s a tidbit from the 55,000 Degrees job posting for a Director of Community Engagement:

55,000 Degrees is a multi-sector partnership and community movement launched in 2010 with the goal of increasing postsecondary degree attainment in the Louisville region to 50% of the working age population (or 55,000 more degrees) by 2020.





Louisville LOST 4,000 degrees from 2010 to 2011.  That was the first year that the bozos at 55,000 Degrees began “championing Louisville’s college-going and completion culture, engaging groups and individuals who care and want to help, identifying and deploying effective communications vehicles and facilitating 55K’s role in events, coalitions and action networks.”

Action networks.  Deploying effective communications vehicles.  Championing Louisville’s college-going and completion culture.  Blah, blah, blah.

So much bullshit, so few results.



From 55,000 Degrees Progress Report

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Which members of the Jefferson County Board of Education voted to eliminate four instructional days from JCPS’s calendar?  No telling, since the Board of Education minutes haven’t been updated since January 13th.

Let’s see…we have a school district that can’t stop talking about the importance of technology while operating a website devoted to transparency that fails at transparency.  This is almost as strange as paying educators to work in empty classrooms for four days.

Almost.  But not quite.

Here is a screenshot that was taken this morning:




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