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Louisville photojournalist Bud Dorsey documented a police training exercise at Beecher Terrace on Tuesday, February 10th. The story didn’t make a big splash on the evening news. Metro Council president and Beecher Terrace’s representative, David Tandy, hasn’t had anything to say about it. Yet.  Neither has Mayor Melanoma.

This raid says a lot of things but it certainly doesn’t say, “We care about you.”  “We want you to succeed.” “We respect your neighborhood.”

The police are a frequent presence at Beecher Terrace, okay, I am aware.  But they’re typically uniformed LMPD officers in cruisers which is a far cry from these men in commando gear who look like they’re about to carry out a Special Forces raid and shoot up the neighborhood.

And here is the education blurb.  The high school children in this neighborhood get forcibly bused to the edge of the county even though Manual is a very short bus ride away.  Central is even closer but Ballard, located in the East End, is the resides school.  When you’re poor and don’t have a car, missing the bus means missing school which means truancy problems for these children.  These children go to jail for truancy.  For missing the bus, for not having a car, for being poor.  The system is rigged for them to fail.

This is how Louisville treats Beecher Terrace.


evbeecher1(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)
 evbeecher2(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher3(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher4(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


evbeecher5(Photo credit: Bud Dorsey, https://www.facebook.com/bud.dorsey?fref=ts)


This is Beecher Terrace.  It’s a neighborhood full of families and young children.  (All photos – PBS/Frontline, Dan Edge)











Did David Tandy know about a practice commando raid on the families of his district?  Where was he and what does he have to say about this?







Maybe Mr. Tandy is really busy with Mayor Melanoma.

There are plenty of places where the fake raid could have taken place.  Why Beecher Terrace?  And why isn’t this news?


Dear Steve and Augusta, Will you let LMPD use your West End gift from Fischer for the next training session?  If not, will you please clean it up?  Thank you.


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He was the first high-profile guy in Louisville who had the courage to question Jefferson County Public Schools’ forced busing agenda and call out our failing school system.  He was pretty loud about it.

And he sounded like he actually cared.

Guess who that was?

Yes!  That’s Hal Heiner!  And if you don’t like him because he’s a Republican or attends Southeast, well, get over it.  I sure did.

This is a guy who would have at least tried to clean house at Van Hoose.  Even better, he understands that Louisville’s economic engine depends on a public school system that actually educates kids.

This guy gets it.

Here’s a link to his family photo – just in case you’re one of those people who likes to throw the “r” word around when you want to insult someone who doesn’t like forced busing.

And the “r” word isn’t Republican.

Flashback!   Superintendent Berman tag-teamed with then-mayoral candidate Greg Fischer to shame Heiner for having the unmitigated gall to make forced busing a campaign issue.  When Heiner’s numbers spiked after he questioned forced busing, well, Fischer decided to promptly engage in the shocking and deplorable practice of “using our children for political purposes” after making this rather huffy statement to the press:

“My opponent is using our children for political purposes when he calls for scrapping the student assignment plan six weeks before the election,” Greg Fischer, (D), said. “I find that deplorable. There are improvements that need to be made to the student assignment plan. As mayor, I will work urgently with JCPS, the school board, parents, and the community so that our children receive the best possible education.”

Just click here to read the whole story at WAVE-3.com from September 21, 2011, in case you think I’m totally pulling your leg.

And here’s where Fischer pulled a 180 and decided to totally copycat Heiner:

I know.  Pathetic.

Thank you, Southeast Christian Church blabbermouths for spilling the beans about Heiner’s teeny-tiny interest in the superintendent job!  I like blabbermouths – they give me hope when I need it most.

A whole lot of us were hoping we could get a local person who doesn’t support forced busing.  It would have been perfect.  Heiner would have been a terrific superintendent because he would have fixed things!

The present members of the Jefferson County board of education are going to make sure that NEVER happens.

I have an idea!  Let’s vote out Joe Hardesty, Larry Hujo and Stephen Imhoff next year.

Are you in?


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Somebody out there is more burned up than I am  about Louisville mayor-elect Greg Fischer copycatting Hal Heiner.

The audio isn’t so great in the video but this is what’s happening:

* Fischer vows to crucify the conservative agenda that will place people on the Board of Education who will try to get rid of student assignment/forced busing.

*Cut to Greg Fischer dismissing what Greg Fischer said earlier.  In the second scene, Fischer blows smoke up our hineys to tell us that JCPS’s student assignment needs to be fixed and, by God, he’s going to make it happen.

Yes, that pretty much sums it up about Fischer.  He’s like the mayor on The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Totally two-faced.

Note to Fischer and every other person who doesn’t get it:  It is not a conservative agenda that wants to get rid of students assignment/forced busing, it’s a PRO-EDUCATION agenda that wants neighborhood schools.

Here’s the video from Curtis Morrison’s blog, Louisville Courant, at www.louisvillecourant.blogspot.com.  Love it, love it.

No, Beevis and Butthead did not write the abbreviated header on the video.

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Remember the Louisville mayoral race when Hal Heiner came out swinging and said JCPS needed to “end the failed student assignment plan“?  It was so refreshing when he didn’t use the usual cryptic wording that everyone else on creation uses.  Example:  Student assignment plan is flawed and needs to be fixed. – Jefferson County Board of Education member, Debbie Wesslund, in the Oct 19, 2010 Courier-Journal article District 1, 3 school board candidates discuss issues at forum.

Seriously, what does that even mean?

Heiner also used this great line that was marketing gold:

“Achieving true diversity doesn’t come from kids leaving before breakfast and getting home after dinner.”

He had been behind Fischer in the polls but saw a 7- or 9-point spike (depending on which news source you read) and pulled ahead.

Fisher and Berman immediately scolded Heiner and said he shouldn’t use children as pawns.  But it’s okay for JCPS to use kids as pawns to generate federal revenue.

When Heiner pulled ahead in the polls, Fischer promptly decided he should start dissing forced busing in his TV ads.  Louisville voters totally fell for it.  Come on, there isn’t a single liberal in state government that Fischer can lean on who will spearhead legislation to bring back neighborhood schools.

Anyway, guess who Fischer hired for his transition team?  Second name on the list is Merv Aubespin.  Know who he is?

If you don’t have time to Google him I’ll sum it up in ten words:  Civic leader. Retired editor of C-J. Big supporter of busing.

I have great respect for all of Mr. Aubespin’s work.  Truly.  But having Mr. Aubespin on your team means any discussion to put pressure on JCPS to bring back neighborhood schools is completely off the table.

Hence, Fischer = full of poo.

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Greg Fischer is now using JCPS kiddies as pawns in his new TV ad.  Gee, whiz.  I thought he and Boss Hogg frowned on that kind of shameful exploitation of our children.

Remember this exchange a few weeks ago on WLKY?  Take a look for yourself and make sure you have your pee pad in place!  Anyway,  Berman somehow hoodwinked Fischer into dissing Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner and supporting forced busing in one fell swoop just hours before the midnight release of 2009 KCCT scores. JCPS had been sitting on those scores for about three weeks.  Kind of fishy, yeah?

I suspect if Berman had been forthright with Fischer and told him, “Those KCCT scores are really going to stink, 79% of JCPS’s schools failed NCLB standards, that whole student-assignment-improves-education rant is gonna sound like a bunch of hooey”  Fischer wouldn’t have come out swinging at Heiner.  So, you know, egg on Greg’s face.  (Surely, Greg didn’t trash-talk Heiner knowing those scores were so bad, did he?!)

Here’s the snarky kids-as-pawns exchange:

“Focusing solely on the student assignment plan, I think — universally — it is a failed plan,” Heiner said.

In response, Berman said, “We’re disappointed that the campaign has chosen to politicize our public school children. …The ad distorts and misrepresents the issues facing the school district.”

That comment was echoed by Fischer.“One, he’s using our kids as pawns six weeks before an election, and two, the result of his plan is the segregation of our schools here in the community,” Fischer said.

Poor Fischer.  What’s next?  A fake rail system with shuttle buses?

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Berman to Fisher on Wed 09/22/10  3:23p.m:

“4got to tell u abt KCCT scores.  so dont say peep to WLKY! ttyl!”


Fischer was on WLKY last night. I’m so embarrassed for him.

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