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Fuck you, JCPS Twitter goon.

11% of JCPS students are homeless and over 60% receive free or reduced-fee lunch.  That’s what you people at JCPS tell us every chance you get.

Some of your students don’t even own a winter coat.  They make it through these Kentucky winters with a sweatshirt hoodie or a polar fleece jacket with layers of t-shirts underneath.  Some of your students wear the same clothes to school two or three days in a row because they own only two or three outfits.  Their cuffs are frayed, their clothes are stained.  They don’t have easy access to a washer or dryer.  If they don’t have access to warm or clean clothes, they most certainly don’t sit in a heated car until the school bus arrives.

Fuck you, JCPS Twitter goon.

How did you get to work today?  Did you stand in the cold and wait for a bus?  Or did you stroll from your house to your car and then, after a short drive, to your office at Van Hoose where you planted your dumb ass behind a computer all day?  Did you stare at tweets about the little kids from Byck Elementary who stood in the cold for over 40 minutes in single-digit temperatures?  Didn’t see any snarky Siberia-type tweets about that.

Ever spend any time in these schools?  Of course, you don’t.  If you did, you’d know how poor your students are and how ill-prepared they are for below-zero wind chills.  You’re the typical JCPS Van Hoose employee.  You’re a fool.

These Louisville children, most of them poor, are bearing the burden of making your paycheck possible.  Their enrollment generates revenue for JCPS so try to show them some respect.

You, on the other hand, deserve none.















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